Top Yielding Cannabis Strains for Both Indoor & Outdoor Growers

As a grower, you will probably have to think a lot about the type of cannabis you want to grow for your crop. However, in the end, the goal that any commercial grower or recreational grower is aiming for is the highest yield.
There are many factors that determine the yield of cannabis plants that growers can get. Yields will be related to climate, technology, farming practices, light or humidity. However, what affects production the most, is genetics.
If they want to achieve high yields, growers should choose high yielding strains. There are now many online seed banks offering high-yielding cannabis strains to customers around the world.
Below I will introduce you to the top yielding strains so that you can have a huge yield crop.

Top 10 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains

#1 Critical Kush

Critical Kush is a hybrid of two famous cannabis strains in the world, OG Kush and Critical Mass. Critical Kush is considered by many professional growers to be one of the best indoor cannabis strains, for its powerful yield and effects.
This cannabis strain has a mild and sweet flavor reminiscent of citrus. Combined with powerful effects will be one of the memorable experiences for users.
Critical Kush ensures abundant yield for growers. However it requires a meticulous care and growers must have the technique to control well. Growers need to be careful when growing Critical Kush outdoors. This cannabis strain is susceptible to mold, so maintaining an environment with the right humidity and temperature is important.
Growing Critical Kush in a greenhouse or indoors where it can be easily adjusted and controlled will help growers get better yields.

#2 Chronic Widow

Chronic Widow is a successful combination of extremely high yielding cannabis strains such as Northern Lights, Skunk and AK-47. Chronic Widow is one of the cannabis strains that produces the largest and thickest flowers. It is also ideal for growers to be able to harvest large yields of cannabis before the crop is over.
This cannabis strain especially thrives in dry climates and low humidity. Chronic Widow is more suitable for growing indoors than outdoors. Growers will be able to more easily control temperature and humidity, as Chronic Widow is very sensitive to changes in outdoor weather.
When the tree is mature, it will grow strong with many branches and leaves. It also appears many of the colas at the top. Growers should pay attention to pruning to avoid mold and some other common diseases.

#3 Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a pungent sativa hybrid native to Hawaii. This cannabis strain impresses with its delicious fruity flavors, powerful effects, and great yields. The genetics of the Pineapple Express are related to Big Bud and Skunk.
Pineapple Express is growing in popularity and is chosen by many commercial growers for their crops. This high yielding cannabis strain has a super short flowering cycle and it is suitable for growing both outdoors and indoors.
Plants will grow to medium height. If growing outdoors, growers should stake the plant to keep the heavy shoots from toppling the plant. Growing indoors is easier, and growers can harvest over 450 g/m2 of large shoots.

#4 Cheese Quake

Cheese Quake is a cross between Cheese and Querkle. This cannabis strain is the perfect combination of high body and brain, this combination can satisfy even the most demanding. And of course, growers will get a lot of the revenue associated with the high yield that Cheese Quake brings.
Cheese Quake impresses with its cheese-like scent. You will also find a slight sour and fruity smell when smoking it. Cheese Quake is more suitable for growing indoors than outdoors, and it has been a high yielding indoor cannabis strain over the years.
Growers should be aware, Cheese Quake tends to grow bushy and can reach enormous sizes. So when growing indoors, careful pruning and low-stress training are recommended techniques.

#5 Purple Trainwreck

Purple Trainwreck is a cross between two impressive cannabis strains, Trainwreck and Mendocino Purps. Purple Trainwreck is native to California and it is a great strain for beginner smokers.
Purple Trainwreck inherits the effects of Trainwreck and the high productivity of Mendo Purp. This cannabis strain is especially suitable for growing outdoors, under stable climatic conditions. It has a relatively short flowering period and provides remarkably large yields.
Purple Trainwreck is also an easy-care cannabis strain. Growers can also grow this strain indoors, but the yield indoors will not be as high as the yield outdoors. A low-light environment with a stable temperature will help plants thrive.

#6 Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most popular high yielding strains in the US, and it was originally developed for growing outdoors in California. Blue Dream dominates Sativa and it’s a smart choice if growers are looking for a high yielding cannabis strain, with minimal time and effort required.
Blue Dream will grow into tall plants with dense shoots. It is an easy cannabis strain to grow and really thrives in warm sunshine, Mediterranean climates. Planting Blue Dream seeds outdoors will give the highest yield.
Besides, Blue Dream buds have strong resistance to mildew. They also offer delicious flavors, good effects that can satisfy any smokers. Growers should note, these buds have a very strong scent that can be difficult for guerrilla growers.

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