Rachel Nichols Freckles

With a birth name of Rachael Emily Nicholas, she was born on the 8th of January 1980 in Augusta, Maine in the USA. She stands 5 ft 8” and is a professional American actress. She graduated from the Columbia University in 2001 with a double major in mathematics and economics. Rachel Nicholas has been a model for Guess? and auditioned for her first acting role as a restaurant hostess for the ‘Sex & the City’ series.

Her parents were Jim, who was a school teacher and her mother Alison Nichols. She went to Cony High School and competed in High Jump. She claimed in an interview that she wasn’t a ‘hot chick’ in high school and that her mother referred her to have uncontrollable legs and arms. Her career aspiration was to become a Wall Street analyst before being taken by an agent in modeling who invited her to a job in Paris.

In 2003, Rachel Nicholas appeared in her first major role in Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. This was a comedy film that helped her a lot in climbing in her career. She later appeared in The Inside in 2005, a crime drama television series which was terminated after only the first season. She gained more recognition after taking the character of Rachel Gibson of the television action series, Alias. She later appeared in The Amityville Horror of 2005.

In the year 2007, she received her first starring role in a film in the horror thriller called P2. She later had a supporting role in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 in the year 2008 and later appeared in Star Trek in 2009. Rachel Nicholas also starred in the action film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra in 2009 and is yet to star in coming sword and sorcery film of Conan.

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