Medicine Man Seeds Review ( Cannabis Seed Bank Reviews

Of all the cannabis seed bank reviews, at the outset let us reveal that we had the most trouble with our Medicine Man seeds Review. The problem? Minimal information on their website.

This is the only seed bank website we’ve ever seen where there was no Frequently Answered Questions section, which means there is no information about where they ship to, how they accept payment, how long you need to wait to receive your package, what to do if your package isn’t received. Almost nothing.

Fortunately, if you are serious about ordering, many of those questions are resolved.

For example within the United States, orders can be paid for by Visa, Mastercard or Visa. When you check-out, you are sent an invoice through a separate Garden Supply shop in Berkely, CA.

Payment is made from Google pay, which in the United States can be made through both Visa and Mastercard, and via bank account transfer. So the payment issues are resolved.

The seed banks that ship to the United States is by the United States Post Office. You can choose either priority mail with takes generally 3 or 4 business days or priority express for a few dollars more which is the quickest in 2 days.

Seeing as to how the two biggest issues, payment and shipping are resolved after we received our invoice we felt a lot better about Medicine Man seed bank.

There are some issues still unresolved, however. What happens if the package gets lost? What if in the ordering process there was a mistake. We would prefer all of those issues were laid out in advance.

Another thing we’re not crazy about is that they feature only 16 products in all, and the products are not categorized into feminized, auto-flowering, THC level, etc.

The good news is that the prices are outstanding. You get 10 cannabis seeds for $40. If you are satisfied with the selection, this is probably one of the best deals on the internet. And coupled with the fact that they send their packages fast via US mail makes this a small but homey seed shop.

What are customers saying?

One customer from New Jersey noted that his orders only took 4 days to arrive, and not only was everything packaged discreetly but that in one order he received a free gummie, while in another he received a freebee of an actual joint with the plastic-wrapped outside.

Several others responded in a positive way commenting about how nice it was to find a legit cannabis seed dealer.

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