Marijuana Seed Banks: Why Beginners Should Grow Autoflower Seed Not Feminized Seed

For starters, it is best to look for a autoflower seed in your trusted marijuana seed banks, rather than a feminized one. As the name suggests, autoflower cannabis seeds have the ability to flower automatically, which makes them beginner-friendly. These type of seeds do not require any form of light cycle adjustment to start flowering. They just start to flower after a certain period of time.

The advantages of growing autoflower seeds are not limited to its beginner-friendly characteristics, but also because of its rapid flowering cycle. Most of these autoflower seeds only take around 7 weeks to finish its entire weed growth process. Unlike feminized seeds, which would typically take anywhere from 8-9 weeks to grow. Furthermore, autoflower seeds are proven to have sturdy, resilient and strong genetics that can survive even the harshest of weather, and has the ability to defend itself against mould and pest infestations.

Feminized seeds are suitable for breeders who want to eliminate the 50:50 possibility of generating female plants. This is ideal for breeders who are looking for flowers, instead of pollen sacs. Moreover, feminized seeds are not suited for marijuana breeding purposes, as these seeds have a 99.9% possibility of generating female plants. Feminized seeds also produce less amount of viable clones, and these seeds may have a tendency to become hermaphrodites because of environmental stress or bad genetics.

In Conclusion

If you’re a beginner and you value growth speed, searching for the best deals for autoflower seeds in your trusted marijuana seed banks is the first step for growing cannabis in a short period of time. With its ease of growth and rapid growth cycle, you can maximize your yields for personal or commercial use by growing autoflower seeds instead of the regular or the feminized one.


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