Buying Guide: LED Grow Light Near Me

LED grow lights are the way forward when it comes to growing cannabis indoors. The conventional incandescent lights do a great job but are limited by the number of hues it can output. LED grow lights near me, on the other hand, comes with an array of color output to grow your cannabis more effectively.
Many convenient & retail stores near you should have stock available for you to buy some LED grow lights near me. And since the 100-watt incandescent lights are in the process of slowly but surely phasing out, your decision is obvious.
LED grow lights are fast becoming a household favorite to grow cannabis indoors, and having the correct lighting set up, will make that process stress-free and run smoothly.
When you go to the store to buy some LED grow lights, the first question that pops in your head is which ones will give me the best benefit? An incandescent light bulb is measured in watts, an indicator of how much energy it draws to be powered on. The more watts so, for example, a 100-watt light bulb will have a brightness of about 50% more than a 60-watt bulb. It will also draw about 50% more energy than a 60-watt bulb. With that, it also has a higher heat emission, which can fry your cannabis, and cause more frustration and irritation than anything else.
But what if there are no retail stores that sell LED grow lights near me? What do you do in this situation? Well, Amazon is the best alternative to buy LED grow lights. But one thing you should find out does Amazon ship to your region or country. No need to worry because, with the myriad of countries that Amazon can ship to, I’m sure your country will be eligible for that.
Many people flock to Amazon because of its ease of use. But not only that, it has just about any type of product that will satisfy your needs. Just fire up that laptop or cellphone and you have your pick of whatever product your heart desires. And I’m sure you’ll find the LED grow lighting setup that will fit your specifications.
The LED grow light bulbs do not measure in wattage. Instead, it measures in lumens – a true measurement of the brightness of a light bulb. And because it stays cool and has more hues, brightness, and shades to play with, you don’t need to worry about harming or destroying your cannabis. Let’s quickly look at a description of what lumens is.

  •  Simply put, lumens are a visual output of brightness from a lamp or light source. So just as with conventional light bulbs which measure in wattage to determine the brightness, with LED lights the higher the lumen, the brighter it will shine.

Let’s now have a look at a few LED grow lights that will give you the ability to grow the best and highest quality indoor cannabis:

#1 BESTVA 3000W

This one comes with all the bells and whistles. And it runs like a well-oiled machine. The fan is quiet. It stays cool. And the light spread is second to none. You’ll also won’t have problems with storage when it comes to this LED grow light because it fits snuggly in tents and any available size room you want to convert into cannabis grow room. During the flowering stage, you must lower the light efficiency to 4×4 so it can output the maximum efficiency, penetration, and light intensity.

  • Budget-friendly. Veg/flower switch for easy application. Lightweight. Durable.
  • Chinese made

#2 King Plus 1200W

This one is relatively new. But it’s coming out swinging with 10W dual chips, lighter on energy, and more efficient than traditional LED grow lights with a 3W and 5W energy gain. Its scientific build ensures the balance between the PAR and lumen output and coverage. It is also storage-friendly because it can fit in tents, a room, and greenhouses. In addition, it has everything to get started: hanger, chords, and carabiners.

  • Easy setup. Scientifically build.
  • Not Durable.

#3 Morsen 2400W Full Spectrum Panel.

This is a top brand when it comes to growing cannabis indoors. If you want quality, this is definitely the one to get. Even though they run bigger and brighter, their energy consumption is still low no matter where you are in the cultivating process. It is a very high-quality product that can be applied to house gardening, pot culture, sowing, and a greenhouse. The lifespan is impressive with 50 000 hours of usage. So you don’t have to replace it for another couple of years.

  •  High quality. Energy-efficient. Long lifespan.
  •  Non-adjustable.


LED lights are one of those must-do investments. You set it up once, and it pays you back over and over again through peace of mind, reliability, and durability.

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