How To Get Bigger Buds During Flowering Outdoors

As any dedicated marijuana growers, we all know that the ultimate aim is to produce the biggest and healthiest buds possible. It is what we deserve after a lot of effort and several months we spend to care for our plants. However, you’ve probably experienced frustration when the weed plants you’re growing fails to produce the big, sticky buds that you expected.

It is time when you wonder how to get bigger buds during flowering outdoors? Aside from genetics of the strain you grow, there are a number of methods and tips you can use to enhance the size and quantity of your cannabis buds.

#1 Prune Your Cannabis Plant

Pruning you’re your outdoor cannabis is a wonderful technique to help them generate bigger buds. Remove any yellowed or wilted leaves. Leaves that seem to de dying are squandering critical energy and nutrient of the plants.

During flowering, you will find small shoots or buds that emerge at the lower portions of the plants. But these shoots and bud will receive less light as the light is blocked by higher canopy. These will never grow big so you should prune them to save energy for producing more fertile buds.

The best weed trimming scissors that I would like to recommend is Fiskars Non-Stick Micro-Tip Pruner. This pruning snip is ideal for both new and experienced growers. It is great for getting rid of fan leaves and leaves near the buds. The Fiskars Pruner has stainless steel blades, which are incredibly sharp, durable and long lasting. These high-quality blades perform a number of pruning tasks. They are coated with a non-stick layer and corrosion resistant.

#2 Feeding Your Cannabis Plant during Flowering

Ensure that your weed plants receive enough nutrients they require to produce the biggest buds possible. Pay more attention at your plants throughout the flowering stage, as this is when they are most sensitive to nutritional changes.

At each stage of the growth cycle, marijuana requires specific ratio of NPK. (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium). For example, in the vegetative stage, they require more N, while in the blooming stage, they require more P and K.

General Hydroponics BioThrive Bloom is one of the best food to provide weed in the flowering stage as it contains all the essential nutrients and rich amount of carbohydrates to stimulate microbial activity and boosts flowers bloom to reach their full potential. The NPK ratio is 2-4-4. This fertilizer can be used for both hydroponics systems and outdoor soil growing.

#3 Light Cycle

When it comes to producing biggest buds outside, don’t forget about lighting. Outdoor cannabis plants often fail to grow robust, powerful buds because they do not receive enough appropriate sunlight daily. This is the downside of growing plants outdoor as the weather may affect your plants a lot. There isn’t much of thing you can do to regulate lighting outside.

But it’s possible that some time you can bring your marijuana indoors, so you can increase the lighting to speed up bud growth.

Roleadro 75W LED Grow Light Panel is recommended for marijuana indoor growth. This light provides both blue and red spectrum light, ensuring that your weeds receive enough light they require. This light can perform within 7-8 square feet. The Roleadro LED panel has a 50,000-hour average expected lifespan. Since it is Led light. It products very little amount of heat so you do not need to worry about lighting burn your plants.

There is a little tip that when you are growing cannabis outside, you should give the space between the pots is 5 by 5 feet, so the plants can get even distribution of sunlight.

#4 Other factors

pH level: If you’re growing your cannabis plants in soil, the ideal pH level that you have to maintain is approximately 6.0. If you grow them in hydroponics system, the pH level should be 5.5. The capacity of cannabis plant to absorb nutrients is influenced by the pH of the soil. If the pH level is too low, your plants will have trouble absorbing magnesium.

Timing: In order to obtain biggest buds, growing your seedlings at the appropriate time is also critical. You should start plant you weed in the spring and harvesting in the summer. These are the optimum periods as your plants can reach their full potential.

Temperature and Humidity: Temperature and humidity play such a vital part in determining the result of your crop, and it is one of difficult aspects of producing buds outside. The optimal temperature for seedlings should ranging within 68-77 degrees F with 70% humidity. You can increase a little higher temperature for older weeds. However, at night, when the lights are turned off, you should reduce the temperature to 59 and 72 degrees F. One thing to remember that the temperature variation between day and night is no more than 18 degrees. During blooming stage, marijuana can sustain temperatures as high as 82 degrees F. The humidity also should be decrease in this time, but you should only reduce it 5% each week until the humidity reaches 40%.

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