How It Works

Getting Started

Register with us so we know where to deliver

Know where you want to order from? Sort our offerings by restaurant. Or view all of the restaurants we serve.

Questions? Hit contact us to tell us what’s on your mind


We’ll deliver your meal wherever you specify in your delivery information when you register. You’ll see this address again before you confirm your order. We charge a small delivery fee for each order. You’ll see this when you check out.

During checkout, you can request immediate delivery and we’ll hussle to your door as fast as possible. Alternatively, a scheduled delivery will let you select a time and date for your food to be delivered… in the future.

We deliver to most points in Savannah. If your area isn’t covered and you want to order, let us know!


We accept all major credit cards, as well as cash on delivery. With our “PayPal express” option, you can even speed through checkout with your PayPal account.


Our drivers depend on tips! You can tip them at the door in cash, or pre-tip on your credit card when you place your order. The pre-tip will be charged to your card, and we’ll let the driver know you were generous. There is nothing to sign at the door, so if you want to tip using a credit card, please do so when checking out. Although we charge a delivery fee, this is not paid directly to the driver.