Haze vs Kush: What is the best Cannabis Strain? | Weed Delivery Near Me

In urban language, you might have heard of these plants such as Haze vs. Kush, and purple. The best cannabis strains are pure or hybrid forms of the flowering plant Cannabis which is further classified into distinguishable types based on the flavor, aroma, and effects of each species of Cannabis. Haze and Kush are the most popular Cannabis Strains on canadian seed bank. Their popularity is associated with the flavor, aroma, and effects associated with these major types of Cannabis strain which makes it debatable to choose the best Cannabis Strain out of two.

Haze vs Kush – Major differences

Both Haze and Kush are highly popular Cannabis drugs specifically for their unique effects.

Haze is commonly known for its psychedelic and arousing effects. Inhaling Haze gives you a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. It has also been noticed that the Haze Sativa strain helps improve the ability to focus and boosts energy. These are some of the reasons why Haze is also used to treat medical health issues like depression, stress, and pain.

#1 Growing:

Haze grows taller instead of Kush, it gets almost 20 ft in height but bushy. As the Kush is shorter as well as little bushy.

#2 Effect:

Haze has more powerful effect when we compare to Kush.

#3 Taste& Scent:

Haze is sweet and sour in taste and Kush has grapey taste.

#4 Varieties & Flavor:

Haze varieties are El Nino, Purple Haze, Arjan’s Haze and Blue Pearl. And the Kush varieties are Purple Kush, Master Kush, Hindu Kush and OG Kush.

#5 Origins:

Haze’s origins are in central Jamaica and California, although the Kush’s origins are in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern India and Iran.

#6 Subsets Cannabis:

Haze belongs to the subset of Cannabis Sativa as well as the Kush belongs to Subset Cannabis Indica.

#7 Powerful Genetics:

When we consider the genetics of both Haze and Kush, Kush is considered as the best weed version.

On the other hand, Kush or synthetic marijuana is a special type of Cannabis strain collected from the mountains of the Hindu Kush in the Pak-Afghan border region. Effects of Kush lead to sedative feeling or extreme sleepiness. Kush can sometimes be used for pain relief. Inhaling Kush indiva strain leads to drowsiness or relaxed feeling. In the medical field marijuana or Kush has been used for pain and stress relief.

Best Cannabis Strain

Haze and Kush both are some of the strongest Cannabis Strains which makes it hard to decide the best Cannabis Strain out of two. The strongest and the most popular Cannabis Strain is Haze specifically the Ghost Train Haze GTH Sativa Strain. This Haze Sativa strain has a THC content of 25%. Due to its strong effects, this Sativa strain is not ideal for beginners.

The majority of the Haze Sativa strains give strong feelings of creativity with boosted energy. This is one of the reasons why teens are addicted to inhaling Haze Sativa strain. Many people who suffer from anxiety and depression have benefited from inhaling Haze which leads to feelings of happiness and relaxation.

What to keep in mind before inhaling Cannabis strain?

Though Cannabis strain leads to feelings of pleasure and happiness long term dependency on Cannabis can also lead to medical health issues like a drug dependency or paranoia.

As different Cannabis strains produce different effects you must always do your research before consuming the Cannabis strain.

Both Haze and Kush have different plant genetics that influences your cannabis experience. Though, the odor will be one of the likely reasons that will differentiate between both cannabis. Furthermore, Haze is a powerhouse of citrus aroma, whereas Kush is more close to the earth, but taste like pepper or pine.