Coco Loco vs Happy Frog: What Is The Best Soil For Grow Cannabis?

As a grower, although not experienced or familiar with the care of cannabis, it is important to choose the right soil type. Even the skillful grower also considered selecting the soil to be an extremely important first step when caring for any cannabis strain.

Currently on the market there are many types of soil and available countless products. That can make it difficult for the grower to choose the best and most suitable type to cannabis strain.

And the choice of grow soil also depends on the cultivation method as well as the skill of growers. That’s why grower shouldn’t be subjective.

There are two very popular soil types that are Coco Loco and Happy Frog. Both are emerging as a phenomenon and are chosen by many growers.

But Coco Loco vs Happy Frog, which is the best soil for grow cannabis?

#1 Target

Coco Loco is a mixture of coconut fiber and other nutrients such as earthworms, kelp powder or oyster shells. It is an ideal texture and is able to provide good aeration and water retention.

Coco Loco is low in nutrients so it is ideal for those who want full control over the maturation process of cannabis seeds. It is often chosen by many grower with techniques to optimize the output of cannabis strain.

Meanwhile, Happy Frog is the ideal soil for beginners grower, not much experience and skills. Happy Frog is a soil that already contains nutrients and probiotics and it is ready to use right away.

Happy Frog can create the most ideal growing environment for cannabis strain. Grower doesn’t need to take as much care as it can to help plants grow with just watering.

#2 Advantages

Coco Loco can maintain the pH in equilibrium. It is also ideal for keeping the nutrients that grower added.

Coco Loco contains coconut fiber, so it has good drainage ability. Therefore, it will not cause any flooding when the grower watering too much. And it also helps avoid root rot when soil moisture is too high.

Happy Frog has a very good texture, it is quite light and does not cause much effect on cannabis seeds. In its nutritional composition containing earthworms, humus should help seeds germinate quickly and plant grow stronger.

In particular, the probiotics in Happy Frog can decompose organic matter into another form of nutrition for plant absorption. It also has the perfect nitrogen concentration perfect for bud growth of cannabis.

Final Verdict

It is very difficult to decide which is the best soil for grow cannabis. However, we found that Happy Frog stands out a bit more than Coco Loco. And Happy Frog has a better price than Coco Loco.

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