Blue Dream Auto Review – The Perfect Marijuana Strain for Beginner Growers

Blue Dream Auto is a cannabis strain that not only looks good but can also bring satisfaction to growers. This autoflowering cannabis strain delivers amazing effects that not many strains can, it is also a strain that offers a lot of economic value to growers.
Blue Dream Auto is quite popular on cannabis forums. More and more growers love to plant Blue Dream Auto seeds and reap the value it brings. If you’re a new grower, we’ll help you dive deeper into this cannabis strain. We have summarized the basic information that a grower needs to know in this Blue Dream auto review.

Blue Dream Auto Origins

The origin of Blue Dream Auto is not a mystery, even many people can guess its parent strain just by hearing the name. Blue Dream Auto is the result of a cross between two famous cannabis strains, Blue Dream and Ruderalis. In which, Sativa genetics accounts for 80% and the remaining 20% ​​is Indica genetics.
Among them, Blue Dream is an extremely famous strain. This cannabis strain is also favored as the most perfect California genetics with impressive effects and yields. And Blue Dream Auto inherits almost all of its outstanding features. Blue Dream Auto is considered an easier to grow version of Blue Dream, and that is a big plus.
And Ruderalis is widely known for his intense vitality and easygoing nature. Thanks to these characteristics, Ruderalis is often combined with well-known cannabis strains to create seeds that are easier to grow.
However, many people are still confused between Blue Dream Auto vs Blue Dream Matic. Both strains are descended from Blue Dream and Ruderalis, but Blue Dream Matic has genetics from the grandparents Ruderalis strains. That means Blue Dream Auto contains more direct genetics from Ruderalis than Blue Dream Matic. And to some extent Blue Dream Auto is easier to grow than Blue Dream Matic.

Blue Dream Auto Effects

Possessing genetics from the strong Blue Dream, it is not surprising that the effect of Blue Dream Auto is quite similar to the parent strain. You will experience extremely impressive effects with just a few sips of fine smoke.
The first will be an intense feeling of relaxation, a signature effect of Blue Dream. Then there will be a feeling of boundless happiness. This cannabis strain will make your mood especially good and dispel all worries and worries. Blue Dream Auto won’t make you feel stressed or locked into a seat. That is why many people turn to this strain of cannabis as a therapy. Blue Dream Auto is suitable for all day use as its soothing effect will not affect your performance.

Blue Dream Auto Fragrance & Flavors

Blue Dream contains flavor combinations from its parent strain. You can easily notice citrus, berry and pine flavors from the first smoke. This scent is very pleasant, relaxing and soothing. This scent is like a treatment whenever you need to relax.
Similar to scent is its taste. Blue Dream Auto will make you feel the sweet berry taste, combined with the characteristic flavor of cedar. Most will find it sweet and refreshing. For some connoisseurs a hint of pungent spice and gas can be discerned in it.
In general, both the scent and taste of Blue Dream Auto are suitable for the taste of the majority. It is very pleasant and even beginner smokers should have no trouble getting used to this strain. And the scent of Blue Dream will also help you avoid the curiosity of neighbors and people around.

Blue Dream Auto Medical

Blue Dream Auto is perfect for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression or chronic pain. With its special relaxing effect, Blue Dream Auto can calm the brain and make the user significantly improved both physically and mentally. Using with a sufficient amount will help you fall into a state of euphoria and relaxation.
Your mood will improve and your worries and sadness will gradually disappear. Its soothing effect will make you get rid of your troubles and become calmer and bolder to face challenges. In addition, your social interaction will also be boosted.
Regarding Blue Dream Auto side effect, users may experience dry mouth, dry eyes, or headaches. However it only happens for a short time, as long as you use it in a reasonable amount there is nothing to worry about.

Blue Dream Auto Growing & Yield

Blue Dream Auto is an extremely easy to grow cannabis strain. This cannabis strain is perfect for beginner growers or those who cannot afford a large space for plants to grow naturally. Blue Dream Auto does not require a lot of complicated techniques to be able to control it, as it can grow in all light and space conditions.
Blue Dream Auto seeds will grow into modest sized plants. And it can grow both indoors and outdoors, in all light conditions. So growers do not need to prepare a large space for this plant to grow.
Growers often tend to grow Blue Dream Auto seeds indoors because of its small size. However, don’t forget the Ruderalis origin allows this plant to thrive in a wide range of climates. But the ideal climate is still mild, dry, and warm.
When growing indoors, growers do not need to focus too much on establishing an ideal environment, just providing enough nutrients for the plants. That’s why it’s perfect for beginner growers.
Blue Dream Auto yield is high. Growers can harvest 450g/m2 when grown indoors. Outdoor planting yield will fall in the range of 30-90 g/plant.

Where Can I Buy Blue Dream Auto Seeds?

Blue Dream Auto seeds are not difficult to buy on online seed banks. But it is this popularity that also leads to many seed banks selling poor quality Blue Dream Auto seeds. So growers need to find reputable online seed banks to receive quality seeds.
We have had experience buying Blue Dream Auto seeds from various online seed banks. Then we’ve picked up some reputable names and would like to introduce them to you. Growers can purchase Blue Dream Auto seeds from these seed banks with a guarantee.

You can try planting Blue Dream Auto first with the 3 seed pack if you are a beginner grower. But if you’re more confident, these seed banks will also have packages with larger amounts of seeds. Good luck with your Blue Dream Auto crop!

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