Top 5 best plant nutrients for marijuana (liquid, powder, and granular)

Growing marijuana should be an easy and fun experience. However, without the proper knowledge of how to care for and boost your plant’s growth, the results might be discouraging and frustrating. Do not worry; this review looks at the five best marijuana nutrients for sale on Amazon.

Nutrients come in three different forms, namely, liquid, powder, and granular. These offer cannabis plants with the necessary macro and micronutrients to flourish and produce high yields. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are the essential macronutrients, and each plays a massive role in the plants’ different growth stages. Let’s look at the various nutrients;

General Hydroponics GH5100

This is the perfect nutrient for a hydroponic set-up. The package comes in three bottles that are meant for the different growth stages of your cannabis plant.

The perfect amounts of nutrients in the flora micro make it ideal to support and boost the plants’ growth from seedling to harvest. The flora grow is meant for the vegetative stage, while the flora bloom is suited for the flowering/bloom stage.

The combination of the three packs will leave you with healthy, highly-potent, and bountiful yields.

Foxfarm FX14049 liquid nutrient trio soil formula

This is one of the best plant nutrients from Foxfarm, a highly reputable brand when it comes to plant nutrients. It comes in three packs, with each serving a different purpose for the general productive plant.

Grow big: a good nutrient for supporting the growth of your weed in its vegetative stage. It promotes dense and healthy plants.

Tiger bloom: works wonders during the flowering stage and produces numerous buds.

Big bloom: it is a pure organic product used in the vegetative and flowering stages of marijuana.

Hydroponic powder nutrient mix by pure products

This nutrient was explicitly made to meet the needs of hydroponic plants. It is filled with numerous micro and macronutrients (16 in total), which will leave your plants looking lush, healthy, appealing, and with an inviting green color.

Big bud powder nutrients by advanced nutrients

The big bud guarantees maximum marijuana yields and potency. The nutrient is made with the perfect N-P-K ratio to facilitate the best outcome during the flowering stage of your marijuana.

As an extra, Big Bud has ascorbic and citric acids, which help facilitate smooth respiration.

Osmocote 274250 smart release plant food

Has an N-P-K ratio of 15-9-12. The Osmocote is among the best granular nutrients, and it is suited for both indoor and outdoor cannabis plants. It is filled with eleven essential nutrients and is very versatile. Osmocote can be used on all types of plants and in virtually any growing condition.

Osmocote brand guarantees no chemical burn if the instructions on using the plant food are adhered to.


This review looks into the different forms of plant nutrients for sale on Amazon that suits a grower’s preference plus the needs of a marijuana plant. Now, you can comfortably choose a good nutrient for your plants regardless of the set-up.

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