Which is better for hedgehog, Cat Food or Hedgehog Food?

If you are a hedgehog owner, you will know or have been recommended to feed you hedgehog with cat food. But is cat food really for hedgehog? Why not just feed best hedgehog foods?

There are many debates over what foot is best for feeding hedgehog. In this post we will help you to explore this topic by giving you some information and pros and cons of cat food.

#1 The best alternative

There are two problems with almost all hedgehog food on the market that are commercial hedgehog food was not always available and commercial hedgehog food often contains poor quality and lack of nutritious ingredients.

In the other hands, cat food can be found easily at any pet store and always available. Cat food is a good quality animal protein source, which is easily digestible. It is also a small kibble that hedgehogs can eat.

#2 The advantages of cat food

High quality cat food offers all the essential nutrients a hedgehog can really thrive from. Any types of cat food that has protein content of about 30-33%, fat content of 10-13%, and fiber content of 3-9% is good to feed hedgehogs in the hedgehog cage.

You can also readily get high protein cat food from pet store near you because not every pet store carries hedgehog food. Cat food is usually much easier to find, even if you are looking for quality brands.

#3 Hedgehogs Nutritional Guidelines

Whether you provide cat food of hedgehog food for your pets, there are some basic guidelines to follow to make sure that your hedgehog is being fed the proper nutrients.

Hedgehogs need a diet high in protein and low in fat. Protein in the food you choose should be over 20 percent, fat should be between five and 15 percent, and a good amount of fiber. It also should not over 33 percent of protein since it could cause fatty liver disease for your hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs like variety in their diet, so you should incorporate small amounts of safe foods in their meals. However, but insects and poultry are easiest for hedgehogs to digest.

If the fiber content is too low, you will need to push the fiber levels up using insects, fruit, roots, and veg. The optimum fiber in the diet overall is 15%.

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