Which bedding is better for chinchilla? Fleece liners vs Aspen shavings

If you’ve find out about best chinchilla bedding, you will know that Fleece and Aspen shaving are most popular bedding for chinchillas. So, what is the best bedding for a chinchilla?

Fleece liner will creates the comfortable and soft surface for chinchilla. Aspen shaving. Aspen shaving is the acceptable options that are affordable and best bedding to use for wire bottom cages. In order to help you get the best decide, this post we go into details, pros and cons of each type.

#1 Using Aspen shavings bedding

Aspen savings is the types of wood that safe for chinchillas. It dose not can cause serious health issues or allergic for your chinchillas. Ensure that the Aspen shaving you choose is kiln dried.

If you have the wire bottom chinchilla cage, it is also a good ideal to place aspen saving into your cage. Although aspen shavings don’t provide the same level of comfort as the fleece liners, but they certainly still get the job done. Aspen shavings also absorb the urine from your chinchillas, which help to keep the clean and fresh smell cage.

#2 Fleece liner is top choice for chinchilla bedding

Shavings make a good bedding for chinchillas but we want to recommend using fleece liner for your cage. Although fleece liner can be use for all type of cages but it brings many benefits.

Fleece liners are incredibly easy to clean and reusable for a few times. You just need to remove the fleece liners and wash it with the washing machine and cold water. Fleece will keep the cage clean for longer time than Aspen shavings.

Not only that, fleece is more physically appealing inside the cage since the liner come with many different choice of colors and pattern. And the best advantage of using fleece is that it will create the comfortable and soft surface for chinchillas.

#3 Cons of using fleece liners and aspen savings

Fleece liner is more expensive than aspen shaving. It also requires maintain and washed weekly. And if it is not changed frequently enough, it will be the good condition for the growth of bacteria.

Aspen shavings could cause allergies in some chinchillas. It not as comfortable as fleece and also more odor. Aspen shaving is quite dust and messy.

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