About Us

There is a reason most delivery services do not feature beautiful pictures and cheeky shenanigans – because the corporate franchise handbook doesn\’t say anything about those things. And if it\’s not in the handbook, it doesn\’t get done. Not only do we not have a corporate handbook, we barely have a book. We\’re not franchise owners shilling for big chain restaurants, we\’re local Savannahians delivering local food.

StG Crew

Clegg Ivey, CEO

Our CEO is a world-class raconteur and a renowned dilettante. We\’re not saying he wears a lot of hats, but…oh, wait, yes we are. That is what we\’re saying. He wears a lot of hats: lawyer, professor, technology entrepreneur, energy drink mogul, bakery chef, food delivery guy, etc. Perhaps most importantly, his jocularity is exceeded only by his jocundity.

Jacob Heider, CTO

Don\’t let the picture fool you; our CTO is not some alien monster from a dark dimension. He\’s the gentleman holding the dog-like creature. When not providing elevatory services for small dogs, Jacob spends too much of his time staring at screens of computer code. If you see him in the wild, then he\’s escaped the fetters we use to keep him productive. Please have him returned to us, so he can continue to develop the technology we use to deliver delicious food to all of you.

Lisa Applegate, GM

Lisa\’s childhood was typical: summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. She strongly believes that until mankind is peaceful enough not to have violence on the news, there\’s no point in taking it out of shows that need it for entertainment value. Taught never to retreat, never to surrender. Taught that death on the battlefield in service to Sparta was the greatest glory she could achieve in her life. Also, she loves movies, and will never stop trying to make “fetch” happen. And that\’s all she has to say about that.

Eric “Scout” Peterson, VP Sales

He may look too young to have a HS diploma, but with a degree in economics from Tulane University, Scout is poised to help Savannah To Go take over the world. Of course, by “take over” we mean “deliver delicious food.” “And by “the world” we mean “Savannah.”

Turkinator McCool, Marketing

Savannah to Go\’s ace driver and renegade daredevil. He’s a loose cannon, a firecracker with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. The only delivery person in the tri-state area with a confirmed quintuple flying delivery, Turkinator works even harder than he plays (which is pretty hard).

Heather Prescott – Driver

First of all, yes…that is a bearded lizard in the photo with Heather. Like most of us here at Savannah to Go, Heather has a penchant for singing and dancing. And…wait, what? No, it\’s not her lizard. As we were saying, Heather can usually be found…huh? Well, I don\’t know. Her roommate\’s or something. Why? What does it matter? No, it\’s just weird how you\’re suddenly fixated on the lizard, and we\’re trying to tell you about Heather. You know what? Never mind. All you need to know is: she\’s awesome.

Kelly Chappius – Driver

Once a roadie for Sweden\’s top Foreigner cover band, Kelly is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in mystery. When she is not working as a hand model for Palmolive brand dish soap, she splits her time between Hipsters Anonymous, a support recovery group for people from the Pacific Northwest, and schplogging, a soon-to-be Olympic sport involving a boomerang, ten gallons of iced tea and a rubber ball.

Anna Ivey – Driver

We\’re not sure if you know this, but Anna is…kind of a big deal. She has many leather-bound books and her apartment smells of rich mahogany. Once a sniper for the U.S. Army, she swore never to use her lethal skills again, except on those who misuse the words “your” and “you\’re” or mix up “its” and “it\’s.”

Reid Robertson – Driver

Whether you need a front-man for your band or a replacement for that fast-talking guy from the Micro Machines commercials in the 1980s, Reid is the MAN for the job. Hipster musician. Proud father of Jude. Tenor in the Wesley Monumental Methodist Choir. He has it all!

Brad Gravett – Driver

In addition to being one of our drivers, Brad’s the artistic genius behind our logos, graphics and layouts. If it looks pretty and it has our name on it, he made it. He can fix your computer with sheer force of will. He knows what a “color wheel” is and isn’t afraid to use it. His facial hair is the stuff of legend.